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When it comes to giving your sales goals your all, a few things might come to mind. 

Sending gifts or tokens of appreciation is popular this time of year. In addition to that, as our sales teams prepare for Q1 with stars in our eyes, we take the current year into review and strategize how we’ll do even better for our clients through the next period. You can say that we don’t only set new goals but that we firm up new sales resolutions.

Here are a few ways you can prepare to do the same, especially taking into consideration your clients’ buying journeys and after-sale experiences.

Sales Resolution: Educate And Reassure

address your customer's concerns
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Our company specializes in B2B sales. However, we often find ourselves in the buyer’s seat.

As a growing business, we continuously face new challenges that require us to seek solutions from vendors. Sometimes we walk away from purchasing something that we need because we don’t feel confident that the presented solution will solve our problems. Even worse, sometimes it’s due to the way the sales representative handles the process.

The question you should ask here is, how can you take the time to educate and reassure your prospective clients through the B2B sales process? And when should you do some handholding to guide your clients through the field of doubt?

OK, so they aren’t a client yet, but what you do during the sales process can change that! Some salespeople don’t want to spend much time reassuring potential clients. They may fear “giving away their ideas” because they aren’t guaranteed compensation for their efforts. But if financial qualification for purchasing a solution isn’t a concern, one of the main causes for a prospect deciding not to buy is that they’re not convinced.

This may happen if their sales rep is not responsive enough, doesn’t listen well, or doesn’t inspire their prospect as they propose potential solutions.

Have you ever worked with a salesperson who operated this way? How did it make you feel? Not like buying, I’m sure.

For the sales representative that treats their prospects this way, a simple truth hasn’t clicked: They can hold back, but there’ll be a competitor on standby that’s willing to put in the work.

To summarize how you can keep the resolution of educating and reassuring your prospects during the sales process:

  • Provide clear, detailed information on what you’re going to do and how
  • Clearly explain all prices and fees before your client agrees to buy
  • Take the time to ease their worries instead of pressuring them to sign quickly

Sales Resolution: Care About The Outcome

care about your clients
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Have you ever worked with a company that cares more about its fees than doing the right thing?

We all have, and we’ve seen the result. Small and large companies have gone spiraling due to lousy service and indifference. 

In sales, treating your clients well means setting them up for a good outcome from the start. Ask yourself:

  • Have you thoroughly evaluated their needs?
  • Is the solution you’re proposing appropriate?
  • Have you weighed out the risks and benefits? Have you been transparent with your client about them?
  • Are you cutting corners to make the sale? How will this affect their results?

Being fastidious about details that will affect your clients’ ROI might slow down the sales process. However, prospects that are looking for a partner and care about quality will appreciate you for it.

Sales Resolution: Knowing The Sale Isn’t Over 

after sales
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You’ve done it! You’ve secured another client. You’re already on the way to meeting your revenue goals for Q1. So, is it safe to stop answering your phone on Fridays?

Well, consider this quick story. 

We’ve had the same recurring monthly service for almost two years. The company has a high turnover rate on its support teams. The service has not been great, and we though about switching to another provider. But we didn’t, and do you know why? Because the sales rep that onboarded us is still with the company. He replied to a frustrated message we sent him one day, and he made everything better.

The moral of the story? This salesperson could have signed us up and forgotten about us, but he didn’t. Being open to helping us way after our initial consultation has made a huge difference. He didn’t sell us just once, but multiple times over. 

You can be a longtime beacon of support to your client. This will mean happiness for them, and it can mean recurring revenue and referrals for you. That’s a win-win situation.

Make Going The Extra Mile Your New Year’s Resolution

It doesn’t have to be the end of the year to make a positive change. Giving your clients your all can be an everyday thing.

Still, in times like these, there’s no better time to be part of something good. Put your heart into your work. Make your clients’ next year and your whole sales career amazing.

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