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Full Funnel Outsourced Sales

 We handle more than the top of the funnel. We turn your prospects into paying customers.

Your Complete Outsourced Sales Solution 

If you’re like many of our clients, you may not have a complete sales process.

Maybe you’re not sure where to begin with call scripts, or sales presentations.

You may not have a CRM or phone system.

And, it’s possible that you’ve never established metrics and KPIs, or even begun to consider reporting and analytics.

We understand that you don’t have time to get into the weeds. We also understand that you do need to do things right and start making sales.

Now is the time for your great idea to start working for you.


The most efficient way is our plug and play solution where you do zero heavy lifting.


With our full funnel outsourced sales process, you can stay focused on the other important aspects of your business.

Like getting funding. 

And courting investors.

And enhancing your offering.

We can handle your entire sales funnel for you.

If you need someone to:

  • Plan your sales campaigns
  • Optimize your leads for outbound marketing
  • Handle discovery calls
  • Give demos and presentations, and
  • Close deals…

…we’ve got your back. 

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Your end-to-end sales solution.

Discovery Calls

The first meeting with your prospects can be pure magic if it’s handled right.

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The discovery call is where sparks can fly or not. A good discovery call should be planned out yet remain a genuine conversation to help uncover “Where we go from here.”

It should be full of candor. And for both you and your prospect to decide on the next steps, you may have to ask difficult questions.

While doing all of this, you must also balance being courteous yet efficient with your time.

We know the formula for making discovery calls count. You can have us lay out your discovery call process, or we can take over the task altogether.

Sales Presentations

Our sales presentations are customized, consultative, and not boring.

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Your sales presentation should explain some key things in detail.

It should illustrate the solution you’ll implement for your prospects, the anticipated outcomes, and the cost.

A sales presentation’s sole purpose shouldn’t be to guide your pitch as you talk about your company. More than anything, it should educate your audience and leave them inspired.

High Ticket Sales

Most solutions we sell cost one thousand dollars minimum up to the tens-of-thousands dollar range.

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We understand that high-ticket sales should not be treated as transactional. High ticket deals are closed on trust, on professionalism. They need a different touch.

Most of the services we market and sell are high value, high lifetime value, or high volume.

We live by the philosophy that when you’ve shown your client competency in all aspects of the sales process, they’ll easily see your value.

Pipeline Implementation

When your sales process lacks structure, we’ll provide a blueprint and set the foundation.

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To be successful in sales, you need to have a pipeline that makes sense.

The pipeline process needs to account for various details to be cohesive each step of the way. This can mean streamlining efforts between departments, team members, or even in an individual’s thought process.

We know how to look at the big picture and can help you effectively manage your sales projects with lots of moving parts.

Account Management

Because the sale doesn’t end when the contract is signed.

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Repeat business and referrals come easy when customers feel well supported before and after your product delivery.

Setting expectations, keeping promises, and providing excellent customer service are a few ways we help our clients to build long-lasting relationships.

Inside Sales

Handle inbound leads, get additional support for field reps, or grow with a remote sales team.

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Of the countless ways a turnkey inside sales team can help you grow your business, a few our clients enjoy benefits such as: 

  • Minimized overhead
  • Being able to stay on top of inbound leads
  • Generating leads from outbound activity with minimal ramp-up time.

Let’s discuss how we can help with your whole sales process.

SAS-Marketing LLC is now Telesales Gurus.

And, we remain a telemarketing & sales-focused agency.

SAS-Marketing LLC is now Telesales Gurus.

And, we remain a telemarketing & sales-focused agency.

We're grateful for the opportunity to grow alongside our partners. Please pardon our dust online as we complete this transition. Learn more about this rebrand on our home page, and don't forget to subscribe for upcoming new sales content.

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