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Results-Focused & Reliable

What We Do


Specializing in crafting personalized outreach, we execute value-adding sales campaigns and ongoing support that work alone or complement your digital efforts to round off a healthy, multi-channel approach to marketing, sales, and relationship building.

Our Mission


We exist to help our clients execute their business development strategies and achieve growth goals by providing high-quality service and a buyer-centric, technology-driven approach to sales.

Our Story


Telesales Gurus is a family-owned company that was established in 2017 as SAS-Marketing LLC. Our passion for doing work that makes a real impact led us to our true calling: Working with businesses that want to grow and need a professional, dependable partner to drive their business development operations.

Based in Orlando, Florida, our dedicated telemarketing and full-cycle sales team members are fully remote and geographically diverse.

We work with clients who are bright and innovative, helping them seize opportunities by adding expertise and flexibility to their business development initiatives.

At Telesales Gurus, we are motivated by the rapid pace of change in today’s world. We understand that the demand for delivering consistently improving products and services presents a tremendous opportunity to make a positive impact.

Let us help you stay ahead of the curve and achieve your business development goals.

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