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B2B Lead Generation

From list-building to cold-calling, we’ve got you covered.

Do you need more leads?


If you’ve said yes, you’re not alone.

Every business needs leads.

Without leads, a business won’t get customers, earn revenue, or for that matter, be able to exist.

Getting quality leads isn’t always easy. 

Quite often, identifying leads that will be interested in your service takes a lot of research and time – time that you, as a small business owner, simply don’t have.

Successful entrepreneurs know their markets well, and they’ve gotten to where they are because they know how to find new business. However, when their business’s day-to-day operations demand a big chunk of their time, their sales can lose momentum.

Here is where we come in.

We learn about our client’s target market, handle the market research, and fill their pipeline with highly targeted prospects.

Then, we use our proven methods and an intentional approach to introduce them to our client’s services and convert them into paying customers. 

Explore your lead generation options.


We handpick prospects that match your ideal customer persona.

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You know your ideal customer profile, and once we’re part of your team, we will too.

We have the tools and resources in place to find and approach the kinds of customers you need.

We enjoy the hunt and will go above and beyond to prospect just like you would.


We research and validate contact information for sales, recruiting, and other outreach campaigns.

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Using attention to detail and as many resources as we can, we ensure that the leads we source are viable. We thoroughly research their online presence and validate contact information to ensure you have the cleanest, most useful data possible.

List Building

You’ll get list of leads that is custom-built just for you, and won’t be used by anyone else.


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Our in-house researcher will scour search engines, online platforms, and all resources available on the web to build a quality list of prospects that meet your requirements. We’ll even feed them directly into your CRM pipeline.

Market Research

Information is today’s most valuable currency. We’ll gather the facts you need to pick your approach.

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Through cold-calling telephonic surveys, by scouring the internet, or through network connections, we’ll provide valuable market intelligence that will help you develop your strategy.

Let’s talk about lead generation for your business.

SAS-Marketing LLC is now Telesales Gurus.

And, we remain a telemarketing & sales-focused agency.

SAS-Marketing LLC is now Telesales Gurus.

And, we remain a telemarketing & sales-focused agency.

We're grateful for the opportunity to grow alongside our partners. Please pardon our dust online as we complete this transition. Learn more about this rebrand on our home page, and don't forget to subscribe for upcoming new sales content.

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