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If you need a reliable partner to handle your telemarketing, sales, and business development, we’re here for you.

Shout it from the rooftops.

Is your brand brand new? SEO, PPC, social media, and establishing a digital presence are all part of a well-rounded sales and marketing strategy. But they take time to attract the inbound traffic you need.

If you want to get in front of your prospective customers right now, you need to go to them.

Some people say that cold-calling is dead, but it’s simply not true.

Cold calling is an art.

When done properly, it’s still an effective way to build long-lasting relationships and drive sales in many industries.

We help you to craft and execute inviting, value-adding outreach campaigns that incorporate telephone and email marketing. We introduce your brand to the world, and above all, the people that need you most. 

Our Mission.


We exist to help our clients execute their business development strategies and achieve growth goals by providing high-quality service and a modern, technology-driven approach to sales.

Our Story. 

 Established in 2017, Telesales Gurus is a husband & wife founded company. Wanting to make a real impact, we took our education and corporate experience to the world of startups and remote work. This is where we found our true purpose: Directly helping startups and businesses that want to grow and need a professional, reliable partner.

As of today, we are a dedicated business development, sales, and telemarketing team. We are fully remote, geographically diverse, and growing.  Our clients are bright and innovative, and we help them seize opportunities by providing flexibility, expertise, and added enthusiasm to their initiatives. We’re focused on expanding businesses in North and Latin America.

The rapid pace of change in our world today is hugely motivating. We recognize the constant demands for something different and better as a source of tremendous opportunity.


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