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So, you’re thinking about hiring a telemarketing company. 


More than likely, you’re in an exciting stage with your business. You’re ready to ramp up your sales volume, get bigger and better than ever!

Every part of your marketing budget should be considered an investment. Before you allocate your resources to a cold-calling project, you need to step back and ensure that you have the right partner in your corner. We say partner, not vendor because you want someone just as committed to your success as you are.

Finding the right outsourced telemarketing doesn’t mean things will be perfect, but it does mean that you should be on the same page. It also means being able to work through challenges, not being treated like a number, and being able to rest knowing that you have someone on your side.

Here’s what you need know to make the best decision.

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Culture & Performance

Know what their company culture is.

Your telemarketing partner’s company culture will reflect in their work. They will treat you and your customers according to their values. Another factor to consider is that their culture will reflect you and affect your reputation because you have chosen to work with them.

You want your customers to enjoy interacting with your brand. So before hiring a telemarketing company, ensure they have a positive culture. It will also help if you share your organization’s beliefs with them. This way, you and your teams can have a unified experience while working with them. Additionally, this will create a more seamless customer experience.

How they select and hire team members.

You may not have a say over who your telemarketing agency hires, but it will help you understand how they pick staff. 

What are their screening standards? How do they vet candidates? Because your telemarketing partner’s team is an extension of your company, they should share similar criteria to your own.

Understand how they manage performance.

Before hiring a telemarketing company, find out what your telemarketing vendor considers as successful performance. Also, look into how they give their team members feedback and keep them motivated. 

What their typical performance levels are.

Does your telemarketing partner measure their results? How have they done on projects similar to yours? What is their average performance?

While results are not guaranteed, discussing case studies or past results can help you understand what you can expect from your outsourced business development agency.

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Considering The Technical Aspect Before Hiring A Telemarketing Company

By technical, we mean how they do the work. You don’t need to understand every little detail, but you’ll want to make sure they do.

What their telemarketing process is. 

A common reason that small businesses have for hiring a telemarketing company is to structure their sales outreach. If you don’t have the framework set up for outbound sales, your outsourced agency might set it up for you. 

To understand if you’re working with the right company, ensure they can explain their standard telemarketing process. It should be defined and easy to understand.

What systems and technology they’re accustomed to using.

If your partner’s telemarketing associates will use your system, find what technology they typically use. If your phone system or database is uncommonly complex, plan to train them until they can make live calls with minimal errors. If you choose to use their software, ensure that you are comfortable with it.

Ask what metrics they track.

To define what a successful partnership will look like, determine what metrics your hired telemarketing agency will be monitoring. If there are additional metrics you want to maintain visibility of, ensure that they can track and report them.

What level of communication you can expect from them.

While you’re hiring a telemarketing company, be sure to set communication expectations. 

Who will be your main point of contact? What will be their turnaround time on returning phone calls, emails, etc.? How will they handle urgent requests? How often will you receive reports, feedback, and other updates?

These are essential questions to ask before you get started so that you can avoid communication snafus.

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Their Philosophy And Yours

Know what they believe about sales and marketing.

How do you believe sales and marketing should be carried out? Are you aggressive? Are you people-oriented? 

Find out what the telemarketing agency’s management believes and what they instill into their teams. If you don’t see eye to eye, it might not be a good idea to have them run your outreach campaigns.

What is their vision for the customer experience?

When you’re considering an outsourced business development partner, ask them how they treat customers. Some telemarketers might tell prospects anything they want to hear to get an appointment, but that strategy usually doesn’t work well once the customer reads the fine print on their purchase.

Other telemarketers robotically pitch anyone with a pulse. Then, some won’t take no for an answer. If you’re concerned that a telemarking agent’s behavior could make your prospects uncomfortable, ask if they have a people-centered approach and customer service policy.

How much of their methodology aligns with your company’s values?

You’re hiring a telemarketing company to help grow your business. They will provide the first impression with many of your new customers and shape your brand’s perception in the marketplace. Ask yourself, what are your company’s values?

What is the value you provide to your customers? How do you believe people should conduct themselves in a collaborative, professional setting? What image of your company do you want your partners to uphold?

In effect, your telemarketing partner will be an extension of you. By choosing the right one, you’ll attract the kinds of customers you want and provide them with the wonderful experience you would provide.

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