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Every industry presents its own sales challenges, so the first thing you’ll be looking for is a telemarketing service suited to your type of business.

On top of that, the service should match your sales goals because telemarketers can help you at different stages of the lead generation process, from cold calling to follow-ups of warm contacts.

Here are qualities that differentiate great telemarketing services when it comes to outreach or B2B appointment setting services.

5 Key Qualities Of A Good Telemarketing Service

1. Unrivaled Communication Skills

When you outsource some of your sales tasks, you expect telemarketers to communicate with your sales team in-house regularly, maybe even daily. Therefore, you need to work with a telemarketing company with strong communication skills, accountability, and willingness to answer questions. Plus, the communication process should be seamless as cold calling and appointment setting are part of the sales journey, and outsourcing these two tasks shouldn’t disrupt the progress of your sales team. 

Having a dedicated manager or being in direct contact with the telemarketer also makes the process efficient for you.

2. A Proven Track Record

Since cold calls and appointments control your whole sales calendar, you’ll have an idle in-house sales team and unimpressive sales when your appointments are too many days apart. What should you do? Well, the telemarketing service should prove that it can bring you enough prospects. It should also be able to troubleshoot the issue with you if enough appointments aren’t coming in. Find out what their track record is before agreeing to partner. Additionally, any B2C or B2B telemarketer should have a portfolio to show if they have experience handling appointment setting services in your field.

3. Professional Staff

Ultimately, a team makes up a company. Working with skilled telemarketers guarantees the service will be exemplary. Everything should be professional, from the contract to the reports. You’ll also be looking for a team experienced in advanced CRM, voice over the internet, and other technology to match or upgrade the quality of that which you’ve already invested in your sales department.

4. Consistent Reports

The telemarketers should share call recordings and other statistics your team needs to complete the sales process.

Plus, there should be regular strategy sessions to adjust your campaign.

These needs call for a team that’s detail-oriented and organized. You’ll know you’ve found the right people to work with if they mention some of the analytical tools they intend to use in your campaign.

5. Adaptive

What happens when you need to adjust your sales goals mid-campaign? If you’re engaging a team of rigid telemarketers, they might tell you it’s impossible to adapt your campaign. You may receive a lot of pushback. But, when you’re dealing with experts who understand you might need to make changes to your calling strategy if you’re not getting enough appointments, they’ll work with you to adapt it.

Final Thoughts

Telemarketers have the human and technological resources to handle two very important stages in prospecting – cold calling and appointment setting. They can handle rejections and warm contacts without feeling demotivated because they’ve received training to do just that– and stay focused on their target of getting qualified leads onto your sales calendar. Getting these services takes away the exhausting, time-consuming effort from your in-house team so they can focus on closing sales. The only thing you should worry about is how to find the best telemarketers to partner with.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have clarity on what to look for. 

What Next?

Our cold calling and B2B appointment setting services are very transparent and supported by weekly reporting and a call-sharing process. We communicate with you throughout the campaign and hold strategy sessions to discuss your sales goals. Set up a free consultation if you’d like more information and to see if we’re a good fit for you!

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