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Your business plan market and analysis are ready, and it’s time to put your new idea into action. The next step is to introduce it to the world; that is, get boots on the ground. Outbound calling is a great way to start.

When introducing your business to the world, grassroots efforts can provide a powerful quickstart. In this article, we’ll cover ways you can use an outbound campaign to make relationships and deepen your perspective on your market. 

Executing Field Research With Outbound Calling

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You’d be surprised how much people enjoy sharing information when asked. If you’re new to your industry, it helps to hear the insider point of view. By asking, you will learn what’s important, who you should know, and gain perspective on the current and future market.

You may ask who would give up this kind of valuable information to a perfect stranger and ask nothing in return. The truth is, industry authorities are often ready and willing.

Tip 1: Dial Inquisitively

When you start outbound calling for research, briefly introduce yourself to the other person. It can be something like this:

“Hi Bob, I’m Laurie with (company name). I’m new to the (mutual) industry and see you’re pretty connected. I’m not selling anything but would appreciate it if you could give your opinion on what matters to experts like yourself. 

Do you have a moment?”

At the end of the conversation, say, “Bob, thanks for taking a few minutes with me. As mentioned, I’m in the industry, too, and would be glad to return the favor anytime. Can I email you my contact info in case you’d like to reach me?”

Tip 2: Assemble The Information

If your prospect is willing to talk, don’t be random. Ask specific questions and save the answers into your CRM or database as statistical data. Take detailed notes. 

Don’t forget to ask them if they’d like to receive helpful information your company might publish in the future. If so, get their preferred method of communication and ad them to your mailing list. 

Only add them to a marketing list if you receive their consent to share offers and promotions.

Tip 3: Give & Take

Don’t take this interaction for granted. Solidify your connection by following or connecting on social media or a platform where they’re active.  

Offer to lend an ear/hand when they need it in the future, and make sure you answer if they ever call on you. 

Outbound Calling For Networking

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When you can’t attend mixers or trade shows, the phone can help you meet new people in your field. 

You might appreciate this fact, but remember that the people you call aren’t expecting it. It helps to be courteous when you try to meet people through cold-calling. 

If you go about it right, by the end, they might even be glad you called.

Tip 1: Be Genuine and Engaging.

As mentioned above, don’t take this interaction for granted. Since this is not transactional outbound telemarketing, and you shouldn’t treat it as such.  

Think about ways that you can make a positive, memorable impression.

Tip 2: Manage Your Introduction.

You can tell them a bit about your company or yourself, but keep it brief. Your “about me” speech will ideally last less than twenty seconds.  

Then, without it sounding insincere, you should ask your prospect about themselves. 

If they are open to talk, it’s best if you are genuinely interested in what they have to say. Your prospect will sense it if you aren’t sincerely listening, and that could be a turnoff.

Tip 3: Stay In Touch. 

Solidify your connection by following or connecting on social media or a platform where they’re active. Try to add value to this person’s network by sharing relevant content and engaging with theirs.

Getting Into The Right Frame Of Mind To Cold Call

having the right mindset to cold call
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With all we’ve discussed in this article, you should be excited about your outbound calling push. You’re not selling, so it should be easy. It could even be fun!

While it will likely be enjoyable, keep this in mind: You’re still cold-calling.

You’ll still encounter people who don’t want to take your call. They might be rude or even hang up on you. Remember, someone else’s rudeness is rarely about you. Don’t take it personally.

If you mentally prepare for potential “bad calls,” they won’t slow you down. However, being caught off guard can make you want to stop dialing to avoid it from happening again. Avoid having that feeling because it will cause apprehension to build up and take away from your power to keep making calls. 

Making The Most Of Your Calls

There’s a common theme when you run an outbound telemarketing campaign for research purposes. That is, when you cold-call people in a targeted sector, your reputation is on the line.

Whether you make the calls yourself or hire someone to do it, you need to keep that in mind. Like everything else in life, you’ll get what you put into it.

I’m not saying anyone should read off a script like a robot, but you need to plan for what to say on every call. Ensure that you have a conversation guide ready before calling, even if it’s only an outline or a bulleted list of questions to ask.

Practice your calls before making them. Do you feel the words will flow naturally? If you don’t, change them. 

When you hire someone else to make your dials and give them a script, make sure they’re comfortable with it. Allow them to make the script their own as needed, or the calls will be awkward for them and your prospects.

When outbound calling to make introductions or conduct research, you should be prepared to answer common questions. 

Some prospects may want to see your company online or receive some information from you. You don’t need to have the best website in the world, but you should have a professional-looking site where you can direct them.

It would help if you also had some social presence, professional email addresses, and simple marketing material to send out if someone requests it.

We hoped you found this article helpful as you get ready for your outbound calling run! If you have questions or would like any support, you may contact us for a free 15-minute consultation.

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