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Cold calling software can organize your prospect list, help you analyze call metrics, score leads, integrate customer information to create profiles… and more.

These features speed up prospecting and free up your team’s time so they can focus on winning more leads.

Let’s discuss these benefits and what you should consider before deciding to invest in a software tool for your cold-calling projects.


What is Cold Calling Software?

Cold calling software is typically inclusive of productivity tools with features suited to the role of sales agents, such as auto dialing, telephony technology to make phone calls, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration to act as a directory management platform. 

These tools also automate repetitive sales tasks like sending text messages after a call and voicemail drops. Does your sales team use such tools?

How & Why Cold Calling Software is a Game Changer

Cold calls require tact, good timing, and communication excellence. Using the technology we’ve described, especially when integrated with AI, can put sales reps a step ahead. When properly implemented, it allows them to focus their energy on what’s most important: the conversation.

Auto Dial & Click-To-Call

Using software with a click-to-dial feature reduces the time a sales rep spends per call, which in turn means making more calls per day. The sales rep doesn’t have to dial phone numbers, reducing the number of clicks and keystrokes by at least a count of ten to twelve per lead.

Over time, the efficiency really adds up. For example, over a week’s time period, the click-to-call or auto-dial function can save 4,400-5,500 clicks/keystrokes. Calling software that detects an answering machine reduces the time spent per lead further because it allows a sales rep to leave a pre-recorded voicemail message or a voicemail drop. These two cold-calling software functions alone can save seven to eight hours weekly per salesperson.

Call Recording

The main benefits of the call recording function are improved quality control and training. Being able to refer back to your team’s recordings will benefit them, the clients, supervisors, and the company overall. It also provides a reference point if there’s a need to verify information or present proof for legal action.

CRM Integrations

Integrating your call software with the whole sales funnel from end to end empowers your sales reps to take action, all from one place. They can track progress from the moment a prospect shows interest until the time that they are converted to a client. Many CRMs tie into web forms, landing pages, email campaigns, and even billing systems.

CRM data provider integrations support comprehensive prospect profiles and company information that ensure your sales reps are acting on updated information and having the right conversations.

Appointment Streamlining

Cold calling systems can integrate the sales calendar, and automate appointment bookings and confirmations. Allowing appointments to be set from the same tool where the outreach is being conducted promotes better concentration for the sales team. Other automatic features like appointment reminders decrease no-shows and provide a more fluid experience for everyone involved.

Call Analytics

With software, there’s a plethora of data, such as call duration, number of calls made, and voice analytics. Assessing the sales team becomes easier with a dashboard showing activity and call success. 

Having the right information can allow you to build custom reports that suit your business needs. It makes a big difference when you can review detailed stats on your calls that can be used the analyze your lead quality, best times of day to call, call performance by market, and other useful insights that allow for complete outbound strategy refinement.

Lead Scoring & Management

A sales team is more efficient when using a platform that evaluates leads in real-time and creates a queue based on ease of conversion. Automated lead scoring helps rep to avoid spending time on prospects that are barely warm when there’s a whole list of hot leads waiting for a call.

Lead duplication, which happens when a lead enters the funnel more than once, can also be prevented with calling software. Without a system in place to detect duplicates, more than one representative might be calling the same prospect at the same time. This can be annoying to prospects and sales reps who are working to close leads to earn commissions or bonuses.

Enables Multichannel Outreach

Modern sales problems require modern-day solutions, so a sales team needs more than just a phone system. Multichannel cold-calling systems that target prospects using various communication methods are a must, especially for high ticket sales.

Being able to reach prospects through email, social media, text, etc., can mean a better experience for everyone involved and improved conversion rates. Most phone outreach tools facilitate multichannel management and can provide other marketing insights like email engagement rates, website visits, and more.

So, what’s the best cold-calling software for your team?

There are so many great products out there. For high-speed dialing, we love PhoneBurner, but there are many other well-known tools that do a great job. For longer cycle sales, and especially if you need a simple introduction to the world of account-based marketing, we recommend and partner with Salesmate due to their reasonable pricing, swift support, customization ability, and quality integrations. Last but not least, Salesmate’s native Twilio VOIP integration has proven to be one of the most reliable and reasonably priced options for telephony on the market for years.

It should be noted, however, that this Twilio integration exists on many CRM platforms as a native voice application. You’ll have plenty of decent options to explore in this respect and should feel confident that you can secure a packaged solution that meets your needs.

Of course, implementing new software will mean incurring costs and using resources to get it up and running, train your sales team, and maintain the system over time. Working with us can allow you to deploy a simple yet customizable system with minimal administrative ramp-up, allowing you to focus on what’s most critical. And that, of course, is the end result!

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