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Appointment Setting

We’ll get you more appointments, which means you’ll close more sales.

Sales is a numbers game.


Skill, scripting, and timing are a few things that help cold-callers to close sales. But even before these things, volume is needed.


There are a few reasons. For skills and scripts to work, there needs to be a fair amount of practice at play. That practice helps the salesperson making cold calls sound polished as well as understand timing

Whether it’s the time of day or seasonality, your timing makes a difference. Good or bad timing can mean getting a “yes” or  “no” when you ask your prospects for an appointment. 

Timing also means being in the right place at the right time. When your volume of targeted leads contacted is higher, the chance of you being there when your prospect needs you is also higher.

What do numbers and timing have to do with appointment setting?

Frankly, everything. Since sales is a numbers game, have you ever counted how many appointments you need to run to make one sale? We have. And we’ve found the magic number lies somewhere between three and five.

Now, have you ever counted how many prospects you have to cold call to make three to five appointments?

If you’re a successful business owner like most of our clients, it’s reasonable to believe that you have counted and know the answer. It typically takes over one hundred calls to different targeted prospects to secure between three and five appointments. 

You need to keep new business coming and can’t neglect the top of your funnel. This, you know.

But, you don’t have time to make hundreds of calls and play the numbers game. This means you’re growing, and it shouldn’t be a reason to worry.

We’re here to be your top-of-funnel right hand.

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We live for appointment setting.

Connecting People

We are trained to make our cold calls warm, friendly, and productive.

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There are a number of reasons people will agree to set up an appointment with you. These same reasons should compel people to actually look forward to and keep that appointment.

As appointment-setters, it’s important to know how to approach people in a non-scary way and start a conversation.

It’s also imperative that we use our E.Q. and business sense to decipher whether they’ll truly benefit from attending an appointment with our clients.



Employing best practices, we build your process to be as effective and efficient as possible.

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If you have never conducted appointment-setting campaigns, there’s no need to fret.

We help with system buildouts and will map out your process from A to Z so that you and your prospects will have a smooth and organized experience.


Words can open or close doors, so we plan our approach carefully.

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When it comes to preparing for sales conversations, we have seen that being interested in people and treating them well beats out buzzwords and tricky sales tactics every time.

Using our experience and modern sales practices, we build scripts with a customer-centric approach.



We focus on results and strive to make our engagements a success.

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When we take on the responsibility of setting appointments for you to meet with qualified prospects, we take it seriously.

It takes persistence; it takes focus. Most importantly, it allows you to have a live heart-to-heart with a potential client that could really use your service.

We take pride in our track record of appointment-setting ability across varied industries. So, when the appointments start rolling in, we’re just as excited as you.

Tell us your appointment goals.

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